Prof. Dr. Olivia Tan


Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan, better known as The King of Numbers, is the Founder and Master Trainer of the Power of Numbers, a new discovery and a breakthrough’ in Metaphysics Science.

Prof. Dr Oliver Tan is also a researcher and an expertise in the discipline of the various metaphysics science more so , in the mysticism of Numbers. Extensive readings on the various metaphysics science by Prof. Dr Oliver Tan resulted in him, beginning the journey to seriously look at the commonality and what differentials are there with the various sciences from the ‘logical and factual’ point of view.

Feng Shui formulas deriving from the numerology of the magical Lo Shu and HeTu, the Indian analysis of Numerology, Numbers practised during Sumerian times were all studied in-depth Prof. Dr Oliver Tan discovered and realized that Numbers or Numerology is the driving force of all metaphysics science.

Prof. Dr Oliver Tan and other Grand Masters and Masters of various fields of Metaphysics, have uncovered and decoded the principles of Numbers. This ‘breakthrough’ began to unfold its accuracies at an amazing and astonishing pace. The underlining philosophy of Pythagoras, the father of modern mathematics’ that all concepts can be expressed in Numbers is true to its theories.

“As far as numbers concern, no one comes near me, no one.”

~ Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan (Phd)

Now, Prof. Dr Oliver Tan together with his Mastery Tutors spearhead to demystify as well as to revolutionize how this ‘breakthrough’ is practiced so that many more would benefit and appreciate this new discovery. Metaphysics Science will never be viewed in the same manner again.

Prof. Dr Oliver Tan began to teach others of this new Discovery. To date, he has taught more than 45,000 students! Prof. Dr Oliver Tan’s dire want is to spread this new Discovery to everyone around the Globe to help many realize their true self, discovering their hidden potential and understanding themselves better and that of their loved ones. Prof. Dr Oliver Tan is not only a renowned law lecturer but he teaches and lectures in Bahasa Malaysia. Speaking flawlessly in Bahasa, being his first language, he has won the hearts of many academicians in local universities and abroad. An academician and a writer by profession, Prof. Dr Oliver Tan is also a very much-sought after Motivator.

His extensive research but most importantly his Thesis-writing on “Rediscovering the Science of Numbers- Its mysticism, Power & its vibrations” has earned him a PhD conferment.