The Advanced Class

You may wish to know that I do conduct Advanced class (2 full days) in Singapore and I guarantee you will be amazed like many of my clients from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and other parts of Asia. As this is my passion, I am sorry to say that I may not have those “wow wow” or success stories to share with you because my clients are usually private & confidential individual whom they preferred to be unknown.

One of the main reason I get to know from my clients is because they wanted to ask very private & sensitive questions and would prefer to be in a private setting as compared to a public class.

What you can learn from the Advanced Class:

1. In-Depth Root Numbers
2. The 5 Elements in associate with Numbers
3. Pairs Numbers in your chart
4. Identify Patterns
5. Compatibility between partners
6. Dangerous Numbers
7. The 9 Year Chart
8. SEX drive
9. and many more…

After learning this unique discovery, you will be equipped with knowledge and wisdom on where you start with or move on from. Is beyond the discovery that you will be overwhelmed!

I’m very excited and can’t wait to share with you more about this amazing & powerful discovery! You may want to know that this discovery was backed by statistic research and I am the ONLY authorised facilitator in the world to facilitate Power Of Numbers under the founder, Prof Dr Oliver Tan’s philosophy. 

Hope that you can make time for this unique discovery to feel the POWER for yourself live with me in Singapore!
This is NOT a class setting.
This is an exclusive and personalised 1-1 Edutainment Coaching.
And if you cannot handle the truth, this is NOT for you.

Event Title: Power Of Numbers Academy Advanced Class
Course Fee: $4996
Duration: 2 Full Days

BONUS Includes:
a) 1 Hour 1-1 Consultation (worth $500)
b) 1 Chinese Book – Power Of Numbers By Dr Olivier Tan (PhD) (worth $69)
c) 1 English Book – Power Of Numbers By Dr Olivier Tan (PhD) (worth $69)
d) 1 Life Destiny Report (worth $296)
e) Lifetime Access to Basic Video Class (worth $63)
f) Life Code Plaque (worth $97)
Total Worth : $1094
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