The Academy’s Affiliate Program

Join the winning team and have your passive income with Power of Numbers Academy Affiliate Program. Each time you direct a visitor to and if a qualifying purchase is made, your commission is generated automatically without you doing anything!

Plus, it’s FREE to join.


Why join?

Passive Income
The more your visitors purchase, the more passive income is flowing into your bank account, 24/7, automatically. It’s that simple.

Associate yourself with
Our site is packed with ratings and reviews, buying guides, and other trusted resources to help customers make smart purchasing decisions. Join us on our continued path of growth and innovation. We welcome you to be part of the Power of Numbers Academy legacy.

Tools for success
We offer a huge selection of products/tools and rich content to add to your website. You’ll have access to our website, products, promotions and many more upcoming services.


For more detail, please email to

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