The Power of Numbers

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Numbers play a great role in our lives. On a practical basis, we use numbers to quantify our actions, our output, and our incoming necessities. But more than their use for calculation, numbers have their own respective power and influence that may be used to make or break our lives. By understanding the substance found beneath the mere numerical symbols we know today, we can make changes in our present and finally pave the path to our desired futures.

Numerical Representations

Each numerical figure has its own representative meanings, which we can use to shape our mindset towards a rather purpose-driven, goal-oriented life. These meanings include:

  • 1- Independence, self-reliance, leadership, individualism, solitude. This number also serves as an opportunity for deception such as backstabbers.
  • 2- Constant communication, information, and kindheartedness. At the same time it opens doors for rumors, poor decisiveness and longing for the approval of others.
  • 3- Aggression, fast action, speed, impatience, ill temper but high level of spirituality.
  • 4- Careful planning, strategic decisions, intelligence and wisdom.
  • 5- Strong sense of direction, dependence on given rules and principles. At the same time it may refer to stubbornness, destruction, intense emotions and a lot of hindrances towards achieving goals.
  • 6- Prosperity, close family ties and wisdom.
  • 7- Luck and good support systems.
  • 8- High sense of responsibility, stress, hot temper. It may also refer to career achievement.
  • 9- Success, enthusiasm for business and at some point, greed.

How to Determine the Power of Numbers

Not everybody could read the power of numbers at first glance. Hence, we can rely on individuals who have the proper knowledge in extracting the meanings behind such digits, and how these can affect our lives.

The letters in our names, as well as our dates of birth have their respective digits, and these play a vital role in determining our life path. By knowing these numbers and their patterns, we can effectively see through the past, present and future so that we can live life to the fullest and not with regret.

Among the most notable individuals who have shown great expertise in reading through the power of numbers is Dr. Oliver Tan. A Singapore-based numerologist, Dr. Oliver Tan has served as a stalwart in increasing awareness towards the power of numbers. For many decades people have relied on numerology just to find out their luck, but Dr. Oliver Tan advocates more than that-he and his team help in opening doors for us to utilize, perspectives in which we can use to the fullest in order to achieve good wealth, prosperity and happiness by properly interpreting the lessons hidden in numbers.

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