The Meaning of the Hidden Passion Numbers

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he Hidden Passion Number represents your deepest self, a talent that reveals sooner or later and governs your life, even if you are not aware of this fact. In order to discover it, you must look in your chart and see which number appears most frequently in the numerological transcription of your name.

Here are the numbers and their corresponding talents and traits of personality:

If your Hidden Passion Number is 1, you are born to be a good politician or a successful athlete, a leader whose opinion and achievements are appreciated by everyone. You have a great energy and creativity, qualities that allow you to be among the winners, regardless of your field of activity. On the other hand, your excellent negotiation and diplomatic abilities can easily turn you into a manipulative person.

When 2 is your Hidden Passion Number, you are very sensitive, you have a great intuition and you hold a great consideration for the people around you. One of the main purposes of your existence is to maintain a harmonious relationship with all your relatives, friends and work colleagues. In any community or organization, you are regarded as a reliable person, although, in some cases, your natural timidity can isolate you.

A great talent as a musician, painter or actor is suggested by number 3. You are a natural entertainer, the heart and soul of every party you attend, a free spirit and a source of inspiration for many. However, you also tend to be a little unrealistic and to show an excessive optimism.

When your passion is governed by 4, discipline and organization are the main traits of character you develop. At work, you are considered a valuable asset by your superiors and subordinates. The fact that you are loyal and reliable makes your friends and family members to rely on you when it comes to solving different problems.

With5 dominating your hidden passion, you manifest a great inclination for adventure, travelling and foreign languages. Finding always the right words is another talent. However, you are also predisposed to an excessive consumption of food, alcohol and even drugs.

Being always in the service of the community and of those who love you is your greatest desire, if 6 is your Hidden Passion Number. You are always open to the problems of the other people and a great life partner and parent. On the other hand, you must be careful not to impose your point of view with excessive authority.

The recurring apparition of 7 in your name depicts you as a person inclined to philosophical study and meditation. You are attracted to the abstract ideas, and you do not like to waste your time with things of a minor importance. From this point of view, you can become excessively skeptical and cynical.

Your main qualities are the ability to see other people’s qualities and managerial skills, if 8 governs your hidden passions. You are a true leader at work, all your subordinates having an excellent opinion about you. However, you also have the tendency to become ruthless or greedy.

Generosity and compassion govern your entire life, when 9 appears frequently in your name’s numerological interpretation. Although you have great resources and artistic talents, you choose not to exploit them or you unveil only a part of them.

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