The Meaning of 9 as a Sun Number

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The Sun numbers represent a special category in numerology, having approximately the same importance as the signs of the zodiac. While the core numbers are part of your personality’s nucleus, the Sun numbers are the skeleton, the structure on which all your positive and negative traits of character are built.

If 9 appears in your chart as a sun number, you can be defined as a dreamer and an idealist, but you also belong to the category of people who fight hard to make the world a better place. From this point of view, you have great chances to succeed if you choose to pursue a career in law enforcement or politics.

Your capacity of organization, the great attention you pay to every little detail and the ability to analyze all the presented options are the main “weapons” you use to make yourself remarked in your field of activity. On the other hand, these qualities can become serious obstacles when it comes to having an active social life and making new friends.

However, once the people around you come to accept that being aloof is only a self-defense tactic, and not arrogance, they will consider themselves lucky to have you as their friend.

Indeed, if 9 is present in your chart as your Sun number, you show generosity, affection and devotion to those who succeed in gaining your trust. Thanks to your capacity of in-depth analysis, you gradually come to understand the weaknesses of your friends and accept them as they are.

No responsibility is too big for you, when you live under the influence of 9 as your Sun number. Although you enjoy stability in every aspect of your life, your inventive mind allows you to find a way of adjusting to almost every situation, especially when it comes to your job. Your superiors always appreciate your sense of duty, righteousness and efficiency, but your subordinates may not always think of you in high terms.

This is because exaggerating these qualities and imposing your standards to everyone, regardless of their capacity, can attract the antipathy and even hate of those who work under your command. It is, therefore, advisable that you temper your actions and become more tolerant.

When it comes to your sentimental life, you relate well to people who have 1, 3, 7, 6, 2 or 8 as Sun numbers. You tend to pay great attention to the needs of your partner and your relationships are usually based, not only on affection, but also on mutual respect and trust.

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