Numerology Insights – The Significance of the Number 8

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The enthusiasts of this science, both professionals and amateurs, believe that our character traits are greatly influenced by the numbers in our numerology charts. Among them, 8 is one of the most powerful, being associated with success and fortune with numerous people to want it in their charts and even some going as far as changing their names in order to accomplish that.

The number is known mainly as the embodiment of balance in Western numerology, due to its hourglass-like form. It is true that many people who have it as a Life Path Number gathered their fortunes easily, but they have also lost them over night. As for the belief that its presence indicates important achievements in one’s career, there are also a lot of unemployed and homeless people whose life are ruled by this number.

In spite of the controversy that surrounds it, 8 is the most complex number. It combines the masculine characteristics of 1 with the feminine side represented by 2. This means that if your life is governed by it, you are likely to manifest the qualities of a great leader and to have a practical thinking, being able to make a clear difference between daydreaming and the real things within your reach. On the other hand, you are presented you as a forgiving person, who understands the mechanisms and weaknesses of the human nature and who possesses excellent diplomatic skills.

The negative traits of the characters under the sign of 8 are almost as many as the positive ones. Many people in this category are often frustrated, angry and aggressive. The desire to accumulate money can turn into an obsession in their case, and they can become overly calculated and greedy, ignoring the opinion and the feelings of their close ones. To avoid these states, the 8s in your chart must have powerful “allies” and the most indicated for this role are the 4s and the 9s.

It was observed that people who choose a military or law enforcement career have their numerology charts dominated by this number. If your destiny is ruled by 8 and you want to become an athlete, it is more likely to achieve great things in this field. Sometimes, people who present the more sensitive characteristics of 8, such as understanding and forgiveness, consider following a religious career. However, their pragmatic side can also help them raise money for noble causes, or to organize charitable missions. It does not matter what the positive sides of 8 affecting your character are, as long as you stay away from the negative sides of this number.

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