Numerology and Santa

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Not only the children, but also their parents and grandparents know who Santa is. The
kind old man with long, white beard is eagerly awaited every Christmas Eve, to leave
presents under the richly decorated Christmas tree.
Believe it or not, numerology plays an important part when it comes to decoding the
personality traits of this jolly character. The names under which he is known in different
parts of the world have a deep significance, although they seem to be randomly chosen.
For illustration, let us take a look at the numbers with which the letters composing some
of those names are associated.
Santa Claus – 3 is the number that is mostly associated with this name, symbolizing
enthusiasm, optimism and inspiration. As a minor downside, 3 is also related with
However, this is compensated by the presence of 6 in Santa’s numerology chart. The main
traits of personality associated with it are generosity and compassion, which, together
with hope, give the perfect portrait of the red-dressed old man who spreads around toys
and joy on Christmas Eve.
As a funny detail, 6 signifies also invasion, intrusion, a characteristic that fits like a glove
somebody who enters the house using the chimney, leaves the presents and disappears
within seconds.
St. Nicholas – This name belonged to the famous Christian bishop who gave away his
immense wealth to help the poor. The numerology theory according to which nothing is
random in the Universe applies here as well, because the optimistic and enthusiastic 3 is
frequently associated with the letters of this name.
The presence of 5 describes St. Nicholas as a personality full of dynamism and charisma,
an inspiration for other people, who start to believe that nothing is impossible, once
they are touched by his magic. The number that completes the picture is 7, indicating
spirituality and seriousness.
Kris Kringle – In US, this is considered as being the real name of Santa. Unlike in the
case of Santa Claus and St. Nicholas, 3 is not associated with the letters composing it. In
exchange, 2 shows its influence, depicting an unpretentious, friendly person. This number
also indicates the sense of belonging to a group and the desire to help others.
7 and 5 are the numbers that complete the chart of Kris Kringle, showing the similarities
between his personality and that of St. Nicholas: the power to inspire people and the
rejection of superficiality.
No matter in which corner of the world he appears, Santa never ceases to spread around
his magic, putting a smile on all faces.

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