The Power of Numbers

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Numbers play a great role in our lives. On a practical basis, we use numbers to quantify our actions, our output, and our incoming necessities. But more than their use for calculation, numbers have their own respective power and influence that may be used to make or break our lives. By understanding the substance found beneath the mere numerical symbols we know today, we can make changes in our present and finally pave the path to our desired futures.

Numerical Representations

Each numerical figure has its own representative meanings, which we can use to shape our mindset towards a rather purpose-driven, goal-oriented life. These meanings include:

  • 1- Independence, self-reliance, leadership, individualism, solitude. This number also serves as an opportunity for deception such as backstabbers.
  • 2- Constant communication, information, and kindheartedness. At the same time it opens doors for rumors, poor decisiveness and longing for the approval of others.
  • 3- Aggression, fast action, speed, impatience, ill temper but high level of spirituality.
  • 4- Careful planning, strategic decisions, intelligence and wisdom.
  • 5- Strong sense of direction, dependence on given rules and principles. At the same time it may refer to stubbornness, destruction, intense emotions and a lot of hindrances towards achieving goals.
  • 6- Prosperity, close family ties and wisdom.
  • 7- Luck and good support systems.
  • 8- High sense of responsibility, stress, hot temper. It may also refer to career achievement.
  • 9- Success, enthusiasm for business and at some point, greed.

How to Determine the Power of Numbers

Not everybody could read the power of numbers at first glance. Hence, we can rely on individuals who have the proper knowledge in extracting the meanings behind such digits, and how these can affect our lives.

The letters in our names, as well as our dates of birth have their respective digits, and these play a vital role in determining our life path. By knowing these numbers and their patterns, we can effectively see through the past, present and future so that we can live life to the fullest and not with regret.

Among the most notable individuals who have shown great expertise in reading through the power of numbers is Dr. Oliver Tan. A Singapore-based numerologist, Dr. Oliver Tan has served as a stalwart in increasing awareness towards the power of numbers. For many decades people have relied on numerology just to find out their luck, but Dr. Oliver Tan advocates more than that-he and his team help in opening doors for us to utilize, perspectives in which we can use to the fullest in order to achieve good wealth, prosperity and happiness by properly interpreting the lessons hidden in numbers.


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Numerology is an age-old tradition that involves the use of numbers not only for practical purposes, but as well as for determining a person’s life path. It was used in a variety of interpretations, such as Greek, Hebrew, Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian and Indian, to name a few. Almost every civilization has relied on numerology, and the present wouldn’t be what it is if not for such readings.

Reading through the numbers is quite difficult, especially if you do not offer confidence to the power of numbers. But getting to know what the digits say about your life can help a lot in building your future, as you are informed about the challenges that may come your way and at the same time take you to the short cut to success.

Information Needed for Numerology Readings

There are two important information details used in numerology, and these include:

  • The person’s name. Each letter of the alphabet has its own numerical representation, thus your name may be spelled in terms of numbers. Numerologists take the numbers in your name to be highly important, as these help in giving a vision of what your present and future has to offer.
  • Birth date. The month, day and year of birth is also important. These values are strict and constant, and they serve as the establishment of the individual’s life path. These digits may be considered as the roots of the person’s life, and through them the present and future are created.

Numerologists find three numbers that tell almost everything about your life, and these are the life path number, destiny number and lucky number. Most individuals only check out their lucky numbers, as these may lead them to instant success to any of their aspirations, but the former two should also be considered as equally important.

The life path number may tell all the challenges you have and will encounter, so that you can be warned about the obstacles to knock your door. At the same time, the destiny number indicates the opportunities that will also come your way, so that you can make a decision on which ones to take. Destiny numbers may also lead you to finding your hidden talents and skills which you may be able to use in changing your life for the better.

There are also different number signs which are read in numerology, and by going through them you will be able to see through your life and find ways on how to celebrate it in the best ways possible.

Numerology Calculator

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A lot of people have found numerology a very useful guide in getting by with their everyday lives. It’s not always about being superstitious, but knowing the digits in which you can live a better life. With the right digits under your belt, you can avoid mishaps or problems which you are supposedly bound to face. At the same time you will be more capable of enhancing your capabilities which you can use to live life to the fullest.

To those who are planning to learn the basics of numerology, then you may as well want to know how to use the numerology calculator. This calculator serves as your guide to computing the digits of your name and date of birth. With this guide, you will be able to know the numbers that lie beneath your name and see how these can help you through in making life’s decisions.

Numerologists used this calculator to help determine the life patterns of their clients on a much deeper level. However, if you are looking for the basics about your name digits and see how these can apply to your daily activities, then you may find the numerology calculator useful as well.

Uses of the Numerology Calculator
The numerology calculator does not just calculate the digits behind an individual’s information details; it is also used to interpret the values of these digits to see how the person will be able to shape up and live a better life. The values of the digits tend to be static, thus their interpretations are already predetermined even before the person is born, and because of this they could not be changed.

However, what numerology experts try to point out is not about changing what was already written; there is actually more to life than just the fate explained-it’s more about making the most of what is already there.

A numerology calculator can also be used to discover a person’s inner self. Most of us have questions about certain mysteries that bother our lives, and through a numerology reading, we get to be enlightened about those issues and finally have these resolved in one way or another.

Some clients fear about finding out negative fortunes and details revealed by their representing digits. True enough, not all interpretations are positive. But through a numerology calculator, clients will be able to know how to fight off the obstacles unraveled in their readings and at the same time maximize the things they’ve got in order to improve their family life, business and career.

Numerology: How to Calculate Your Life Path Number Why Is It Important?

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Numerology: How to Calculate Your Life Path Number
Why Is It Important?

By studying numerology, we may improve our relationship with ourselves and with the ones we love. If we know how to calculate our Life Path numbers, we will be able to make the best life defining decisions.

The essential number in Numerology

Your Life Path number is based on your birth date and it is considered the most important one, as it will never change and it has a great influence on your personality features and on the main events in your life. The interpretation of your Life Path number will tell you many things about the opportunities and challenges you will have to face during this lifetime.

Numerology 101 – How to calculate your Life Path number

There are many methods of calculating your number, but the most popular one is the Three-Cycle Method, also known as the true Pythagorean one, the oldest method of calculation and allegedly the most accurate one.

How does it work?

First of all, you have to reduce each unit of your date of birth to a Master number (11, 22, 33) or a single-digit number. After this, you have to sum up the results (digits or Master numbers).

In order to get the final result, reduce this sum the same way you reduced each unit of your birth date (to a single digit/Master number). And this will be your Life Path number.

Here are some calculation examples:

· Example 1

Date of birth: February 3rd, 1993 = 2 / 3 / 1993

2 + 3 + (1 + 9 + 9 + 3) = 2 + 3 + 22 = 2 + 3 + 4 = 11 (Master number)

· Example 2

Date of birth: March 15th, 1996 = 3 / 15 / 1996

3 + (1 + 5) + (1 + 9 + 9 + 6) = 3 + 6 + 25 = 3 + 6 + 7 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7 (single digit number)

· Example 3

Date of birth: December 29th, 1990 = 12 / 29 / 1990

(1 + 2) + (2 + 9) + (1 + 9 + 9 + 0) = 3 + 11 + 19 = 3 + 11 + 10 = 3 + 11 + 1 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

As you can see, it is quite simple to calculate this important number. If you find it difficult or you are not sure about your calculations, you can also try a numerological calculator. There are plenty available online and most of them are free with no strings attached. Some of them may require your email address to deliver the results, but that’s it.

If you believe in numerology, then it is important to know your Life Path number, because it will reveal to you the main aspects of your personality and your journey through this life.

Some people believe that calculating this number brings with it an element of risk, as they may find out unpleasant facts. Of course, the predictions are not always what we expect them to be, but it is better to know what is likely to happen, in order to make the best choices in life to achieve our goals and objectives. And numerologists believe that learning the secrets of numerology will help you to do just that.

A Brief History Of Numerology – Have You Ever Wondered How It Started?

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A Brief History Of Numerology – Have You Ever Wondered How It Started?

Numerology is the art of understanding numbers and patterns, and their effect on our journey through life. It is considered that one can find out very important facts about life (love compatibility, future predictions, auspicious days, personality features), by simply calculating the numbers related to the birth date and name. According to the principles of this practice, numbers play a great role in someone’s life.

The origins of numerology

We do not know for sure where this science originates from, but Egypt and Babylon are considered the ancient regions where it was developed. This mystic art dates back to thousands of years ago, and it was studied in many ancient countries, which were famous for their cultural and scientific discoveries: China, Japan, India, Greece and Rome.

Over time, it has been taught by some world-renowned mathematicians and philosophers, even though people generally refused to call it ”science”. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (560-470 B.C.) assumed that reality was entirely mathematical, because mathematical concepts were easy to represent and classify. He was convinced that all energy patterns of vibrations correspond to numbers.

Pythagoras’ study was continued by Socrates and Plato. Even more, some of the principles he adopted were taught in early Christian schools as well.

Notable people taught and studied this metaphysical science during the Renaissance period, and today it is still a mysterious topic.
Throughout the centuries, three types of numerology systems have been studied:
• Chaldean
• Pythagorean
• Kabbalah

The Chaldean number system is considered to be the oldest one, having been developed in Babylon. According to this system, the number correspondent to a letter depends on the vibration of that letter, not on its position among the other letters of the alphabet.
Also, the number 9 is considered a sacred number and it does not correspond to any letter. It may only appear in the end result, after all the calculations have been done.

The Pythagorean (also known as Western) number system is the most popular one. We use this system when we calculate our name number (the correspondence between letters and numbers is determined according to the sequence of the letters in the Western alphabet), but also for our date of birth.

The Kabbalah number system is not very popular, because it is only about people’s names, it does not look at their birth data.

People have been interested in numerology since very ancient times, and it will always be an intriguing subject for humankind, as it involves great mystery and predictions of the future.

The Significance of Numbers in Western and Oriental Numerology

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Although the principles of numerology are generally related, there are significant differences in the way numbers are perceived in the Western and Oriental culture.

Westerners consider 1 the number that embodies the masculinity, so people who have it in their charts as their destiny number are great leaders, courageous, full of initiative, but they can also act impulsively. The Oriental numerology associates it with independence and perseverance, but also with isolation and solitude.

2 is the feminine principle in Western numerology, and, if your life is governed by this number, you are most likely a friendly, gentle and caring person. However, this number is also associated with timidity and a melodramatic personality. In the East, 2 is the symbol of stability and symmetry, being perceived as one of the luckiest numbers.

Happiness and enthusiasm are the attributes of a person whose life is ruled by the number 3 in the numerology chart, according to the Western system. On the other hand, the negative character features carried by this number are egoism and a rapidly shifting mood. The Chinese numerology considers 3 as the symbol of regeneration and plenitude.

The Western numerologists see 4 as representing a solid and reliable character, but also a narrow-minded and rigid person. For the Orientals, this number is considered as a very bad omen, because it is pronounced almost similar to “death”.

The ability to socialize well is just a few of the core characteristics associated with the number 5 in Western numerology. Just like all the other numbers, it also carries negative features, and the people who have it in their charts are prone to being unreliable and are addicted to something or someone. The Easterners see this number as the balance between different character traits.

In Western Numerology, 6 represent’s compassion and relates to people who are always ready to support others, sacrificing their own interest. On the other hand, selfishness and instability are also associated with it. In the East, this number defines wealth and is considered an extremely good omen.

The number 7 in Western Numerology signifies someone who is always driven to seek out more knowledge, but the people whose destiny is ruled by it can become excessively possessive. In the Orient, it is perceived as symbolizing unity and long lasting friendship.

The Western numerologists see the number 8 as representing the perfect balance, the power to achieve great things, but they also associate it with dishonesty and greed. The Chinese see the presence of this number in a chart as a guarantee for prosperity and success in businesses.

9 is the most complex number of Western Numerology, defining a forgiving person, with a broad mind and artistic talents. On the other hand, people whose lives are represented by this number can become arrogant and cold hearted. The Eastern people see it as a symbol of a long and healthy life.

Numerology Insights – The Significance of the Number 8

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The enthusiasts of this science, both professionals and amateurs, believe that our character traits are greatly influenced by the numbers in our numerology charts. Among them, 8 is one of the most powerful, being associated with success and fortune with numerous people to want it in their charts and even some going as far as changing their names in order to accomplish that.

The number is known mainly as the embodiment of balance in Western numerology, due to its hourglass-like form. It is true that many people who have it as a Life Path Number gathered their fortunes easily, but they have also lost them over night. As for the belief that its presence indicates important achievements in one’s career, there are also a lot of unemployed and homeless people whose life are ruled by this number.

In spite of the controversy that surrounds it, 8 is the most complex number. It combines the masculine characteristics of 1 with the feminine side represented by 2. This means that if your life is governed by it, you are likely to manifest the qualities of a great leader and to have a practical thinking, being able to make a clear difference between daydreaming and the real things within your reach. On the other hand, you are presented you as a forgiving person, who understands the mechanisms and weaknesses of the human nature and who possesses excellent diplomatic skills.

The negative traits of the characters under the sign of 8 are almost as many as the positive ones. Many people in this category are often frustrated, angry and aggressive. The desire to accumulate money can turn into an obsession in their case, and they can become overly calculated and greedy, ignoring the opinion and the feelings of their close ones. To avoid these states, the 8s in your chart must have powerful “allies” and the most indicated for this role are the 4s and the 9s.

It was observed that people who choose a military or law enforcement career have their numerology charts dominated by this number. If your destiny is ruled by 8 and you want to become an athlete, it is more likely to achieve great things in this field. Sometimes, people who present the more sensitive characteristics of 8, such as understanding and forgiveness, consider following a religious career. However, their pragmatic side can also help them raise money for noble causes, or to organize charitable missions. It does not matter what the positive sides of 8 affecting your character are, as long as you stay away from the negative sides of this number.

The Significance of 5 as a Birth Day Number in Numerology

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Although it is less important compared with other core numbers, such as the Life Path number or the Heart’s Desire number, the Birth Day number also labels you in a certain manner, having the role to assign you a particular skill or talent that is representative for the evolution of your life course.

For instance, if you are born on the 5th of the month, you are eager to learn everything about anything, and you often have the tendency to migrate from one place to another, meaning that you also have the capacity to adjust to a wide variety of situations. From this point of view, your desire of meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and learn about their way of life is almost limitless.

If your chart includes 5 as a Birth Number, you possess excellent communication skills, which means you always know the right thing to say in any situation and you have what it takes to become an excellent spokespersons, politician, sales representatives or even writer.

You are a charming presence for anyone around you, being more than capable of sustaining a pleasant and refined conversation and often turning into the soul of the parties and reunions that you attend.

On the other hand, you are likely to be extremely calculated, to be able to think really fast, and take into accounts all options before making a decision.

But, despite this skilful and organized side of your personality, you have a powerful inclination towards strict discipline. If your job involves sitting behind a desk for many hours, you have the tendency to consider it boring and to feel that it somehow keeps your birth talents under a leash.

Given the circumstances, it is advisable that you choose a career that implies a lot of travelling, preferably to distant places, and represents a constant challenge, allowing you to use your knowledge and skills on a constant basis.

You are a good colleague and a dedicated team player, as long as you feel at ease in a certain environment. Your natural talent in finding a viable solution to apparently unsolvable problems makes you hard to be replaced, regardless of the domain you activate in.

Of course, being born on the 5th of the month can determine you to develop negative traits of character as well. You must overcome your tendency to get bored, impatient and even irritable. Also, you have the tendency to jeopardize your own health due to your exaggerated appetite for everything, from eating and drinking to making love.

The Meaning of 9 as a Sun Number

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The Sun numbers represent a special category in numerology, having approximately the same importance as the signs of the zodiac. While the core numbers are part of your personality’s nucleus, the Sun numbers are the skeleton, the structure on which all your positive and negative traits of character are built.

If 9 appears in your chart as a sun number, you can be defined as a dreamer and an idealist, but you also belong to the category of people who fight hard to make the world a better place. From this point of view, you have great chances to succeed if you choose to pursue a career in law enforcement or politics.

Your capacity of organization, the great attention you pay to every little detail and the ability to analyze all the presented options are the main “weapons” you use to make yourself remarked in your field of activity. On the other hand, these qualities can become serious obstacles when it comes to having an active social life and making new friends.

However, once the people around you come to accept that being aloof is only a self-defense tactic, and not arrogance, they will consider themselves lucky to have you as their friend.

Indeed, if 9 is present in your chart as your Sun number, you show generosity, affection and devotion to those who succeed in gaining your trust. Thanks to your capacity of in-depth analysis, you gradually come to understand the weaknesses of your friends and accept them as they are.

No responsibility is too big for you, when you live under the influence of 9 as your Sun number. Although you enjoy stability in every aspect of your life, your inventive mind allows you to find a way of adjusting to almost every situation, especially when it comes to your job. Your superiors always appreciate your sense of duty, righteousness and efficiency, but your subordinates may not always think of you in high terms.

This is because exaggerating these qualities and imposing your standards to everyone, regardless of their capacity, can attract the antipathy and even hate of those who work under your command. It is, therefore, advisable that you temper your actions and become more tolerant.

When it comes to your sentimental life, you relate well to people who have 1, 3, 7, 6, 2 or 8 as Sun numbers. You tend to pay great attention to the needs of your partner and your relationships are usually based, not only on affection, but also on mutual respect and trust.

The Meaning of the Hidden Passion Numbers

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he Hidden Passion Number represents your deepest self, a talent that reveals sooner or later and governs your life, even if you are not aware of this fact. In order to discover it, you must look in your chart and see which number appears most frequently in the numerological transcription of your name.

Here are the numbers and their corresponding talents and traits of personality:

If your Hidden Passion Number is 1, you are born to be a good politician or a successful athlete, a leader whose opinion and achievements are appreciated by everyone. You have a great energy and creativity, qualities that allow you to be among the winners, regardless of your field of activity. On the other hand, your excellent negotiation and diplomatic abilities can easily turn you into a manipulative person.

When 2 is your Hidden Passion Number, you are very sensitive, you have a great intuition and you hold a great consideration for the people around you. One of the main purposes of your existence is to maintain a harmonious relationship with all your relatives, friends and work colleagues. In any community or organization, you are regarded as a reliable person, although, in some cases, your natural timidity can isolate you.

A great talent as a musician, painter or actor is suggested by number 3. You are a natural entertainer, the heart and soul of every party you attend, a free spirit and a source of inspiration for many. However, you also tend to be a little unrealistic and to show an excessive optimism.

When your passion is governed by 4, discipline and organization are the main traits of character you develop. At work, you are considered a valuable asset by your superiors and subordinates. The fact that you are loyal and reliable makes your friends and family members to rely on you when it comes to solving different problems.

With5 dominating your hidden passion, you manifest a great inclination for adventure, travelling and foreign languages. Finding always the right words is another talent. However, you are also predisposed to an excessive consumption of food, alcohol and even drugs.

Being always in the service of the community and of those who love you is your greatest desire, if 6 is your Hidden Passion Number. You are always open to the problems of the other people and a great life partner and parent. On the other hand, you must be careful not to impose your point of view with excessive authority.

The recurring apparition of 7 in your name depicts you as a person inclined to philosophical study and meditation. You are attracted to the abstract ideas, and you do not like to waste your time with things of a minor importance. From this point of view, you can become excessively skeptical and cynical.

Your main qualities are the ability to see other people’s qualities and managerial skills, if 8 governs your hidden passions. You are a true leader at work, all your subordinates having an excellent opinion about you. However, you also have the tendency to become ruthless or greedy.

Generosity and compassion govern your entire life, when 9 appears frequently in your name’s numerological interpretation. Although you have great resources and artistic talents, you choose not to exploit them or you unveil only a part of them.