Master Numbers in Numerology

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The few double-digit numbers that appear in a numerology chart always have a special
meaning. One category includes the karmic debt numbers that indicate what you have
to do in this life in order to straighten the errors made in the previous one. The other
category includes the master numbers.

They have a great influence on your destiny, offering you the resources you need in order
to find solutions to most of your problems. On the other hand, the master numbers can
become a heavy burden, if you do not possess the maturity and patience required in order
to discover and exploit the advantages they offer. Here are the master numbers and their

11 – It is associated with instinct and intuition, representing your connection with the
subconscious world. Its main negative points are shyness and anxiety, but they are
compensated by the inspiration and charisma specific to 2 (the sum of the two 1’s in 11).

If you have this master number in your chart, you are likely to achieve great things with
easiness, because it helps you to stay focused on your goals. However, you must be
very careful, because 11 can also undermine your efforts, if it is not perceived and used

In order to avoid this situation, let the instinct guide you in making major decisions.
Because of its somehow supernatural influence, this number appears in the chart of many
persons known as clairvoyants or psychics.

22 – If it is present in your chart, it gives you the power to turn all your dreams, no matter
how wild, into reality. You are defined as a person of action, who uses a scientific,
pragmatic method to approach all situations.

This is a characteristic of 4, the sum of the single-digit numbers in 22. Discipline and
ambition are other two traits of personality associated with this master number and they
are of a great help when it comes to achieving your goals. However, you must be careful
not to become afraid of the power of 22, because this can seriously compromise your
chances of success.

33 – Often presented as “the master of master numbers” or “the master teacher”, it is the
combination of all the good things of 11 and 22. With it in your chart, you are ready to
become a preacher of peace and brotherhood, embracing the whole world.

However, the practical side represented by 22 is not totally reduced to silence, since you
prefer to gather information on what a certain project implies before getting involved
in it. 33 shows its whole power especially if it is present in your chart as the Life Path
Number, Personal Expression Number or Heart’s Desire Number.

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