Karmic Debt Numbers

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One of the main theories of numerology states that you accumulate talents and wisdom with every cycle of reincarnation your soul goes trough. However, it is the same in case of the errors you made in your previous lives – they must be straightened at some point in the actual course of your life.

This means paying a “karmic debt”, and a special section of your numerology chart is dedicated to the calculation of the karmic debt number. It is a double digit number that can influence your Destiny and Heart’s Desire in a greater or smaller measure. Unlike the other numbers, those expressing a debt you have to pay are only four.

13 – If this is your karmic debt number, you are likely to work very hard and to experience a great deal of frustration if you do not succeed in accomplishing your tasks. This is the price to pay for thet lazy lifestyle you had during your previous reincarnations. You may feel tempted to abandon everything, but, if you focus on your goals, you can achieve great things. In order to succeed, you must not try to look for a less complicated way of solving problems, but rather work twice as harder. In fact, a lot of athletes with great achievements in their fields have 13 as a karmic debt number in their chart.

14 – The main challenge you have to face during this life cycle is to overcome the tendency to become addictive to alcohol, drugs or even food. This is the consequence of abuse by the freedom of the people around you in your past lives. In order to cope with your current problems, you need a lot of discipline. You must make a plan and adapt to every unexpected change of events or environment in your life. Modesty is the quality that helps you the most in preventing the negative consequences of having 14 in your chart.

16 – Its presence helps you to build what you previously destroyed, by making extremely bad choices, no matter if it was about ruining your career or ending a relationship. For this, you must do everything step by step, never give up, even if life hits you again and again. For this, you have to be very realistic, to evaluate all the aspects of the situations you find yourself in. Your ego can be your worst enemy on many occasions, so you must also listen to what the others have to say about a particular matter.

19 – Generally, this karmic debt number is designed to make you accept the help you refused in the past lives. You must learn how to be independent and connect with other people at the same time. There is nothing wrong in asking for a helping hand from time to time, especially from someone who offers it gladly.

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