Prof Dr. Oliver Tan PhD is the founder and Master Trainer of the Power of Numbers.

Numerology has been thought of as a superstitious study, but over the years it has changed the lives of millions by serving as their guide on how to enjoy life in the best ways possible. Indeed each of us has the destiny to fulfil, but at the same time, we can take control of the present and the future by means of making wiser decisions. Numerology is not just about the role of numbers giving us luck and charm; they tell us how to assess our thoughts, ideas, traits and feelings at the right places for us to achieve our aspirations.

One of the key persons who continue to uphold the tenets of numerology is Prof Dr. Oliver Tan. He is a numerology expert who has nurtured over 10,000 students across the globe in the study of numbers, and over the years he has played a big part in making numerology a recognized field of learning. Unlike other numerology contemporaries who worked with the craft as a mere oracle of charms and fortunes, Prof Dr. Oliver Tan served as a revolutionary as he brought together the logical and factual points of numerology for better human understanding.

Prof Dr. Oliver Tan studied in-depth numerous Feng Shui Formula derived from the numerology of Lo Shu and He Tu. He also studied the Indian analysis of Numerology and the Numbers practised during the Sumerian times.

He expounded on the philosophies of Numbers by the great Pythagoras, the Father of modern mathematics.

He came to the conclusion that Numbers or Numerology is the driving force of all metaphysic science. It is the key to decoding many underlying principles of occult sciences such Chinese Feng Shui, Ba Zhi, the Indian Numerology, the Kabbala system and Tarot Card reading, among others.

Prof Dr. Oliver Tan was a renowned law lecturer during his younger days. He taught and lectured in Bahasa Malaysia. Speaking flawlessly in Bahasa, being his first language, he has won the hearts of many academicians in local universities and abroad. An academician and a writer by profession, Prof Dr. Oliver Tan is also a very much sought after Motivator.

Prof Dr. Oliver Tan reveals the science behind the study of numbers and how numbers can make or break our seemingly ordinary lives.

“The Power of Numbers” discusses the historical timeline of numerology which others failed to recognize. In his book, Prof Dr. Oliver Tan expounded on the philosophical ideas of Pythagoras.

Prof Dr. Oliver Tan serves as an important individual in the field of numbers for one reason: he was able to simplify the philosophies of numbers. He was able to change the common misconceptions about numerology, thus it became understandable even by the simplest minds. He is also essential in making numbers a useful guide to our everyday lives through simplified calculations usually taken advantage of by other numerology experts.

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